When Sam Kuban embarked on his solo experimental folk project, the darkness of chaos and light of harmony coalesced spectacularly to form the illuminating sound of Swamp Eyes. This musical experiment uncovers the dominance of the binary and the beauty of universality. Trash Palace leads the latest album of Swamp Eyes – Something’s in the Hall. The eight-track album is an emotional autobiography of the artist’s fear and anxieties revolving around an unexpected encounter.

Glinting acoustic strings drift weightlessly through the haunted vocal canvas. The artist employs shapeless vocal tails that cast ghostly shadows of fear and danger. Emphatic musical ensembles shake us back to consciousness as we slip into the hypnotic dread contained in the muted vocals. The artist uses a circular rhythm to create an endless loop that is impossible to get out of. It is symbolic of the helplessness and anguish he felt in the face of a truly shocking encounter. He uses raw emotional expressions to portray the haunting nature of hopelessness and distress.

Swamp Eyes debuted with Mess Maker in 2019 and has since released four singles and one album. Something’s in the Hall is a stellar exposition of the inescapable darkness within us all. And by uncovering them, he frees us all.

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