Sweet Imperfections has released her second single of the year, Be Brave with its fresh vocals and rapturous transitions. Led by California-based singer-songwriter, Bri Schillings, the artist collaborates with a collective of Southern Californian musicians and writers to create beautiful euphonic canvases.

The artist delivers the song clothed in subtle weaves of filters. The track opens with a net of acoustic ukulele melodies pulled over smoky vocals. The nostalgic vocals and mellow melodies are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s style and textures. And when the vocals come into focus in the chorus, it does with a dazzling glamor.

The smooth gush of vocals and refined melodies explode with vigor and vivacity. With passion as its crowning jewel, the vocals are incredibly immersive. When paired with the gleaming acoustics, it is magical to see the artist’s vision for the track come together. Streams of molten electric guitar melodies and twinkling synths layer the acoustic strings.

From a garden of acoustics, the artist gracefully expands the soundscape to a rich forest of melodies. The soulful vocals lead us through scenic harmonies and panoramas of emotion. Gliding through this spectrum of happiness, hope, and faith is an increasingly exhilarating experience.

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