Tali Simone Febland is a singer-songwriter, pianist, and soft pop artist based in Blackpool. Her tracks are eclectic weaves of genre-diverse styles and palettes. Ranging from winking acoustics to bright synths, pop vocals, and country/folk sensibilities, listening to her music is like getting a B12 shot. The artist beautifully reconciles traditional/ classical songwriting with lavish layers of contemporary melodies. In her latest release, Straight Lines, Tali Simone Febland dives into a fresh pool of sonics. With crisp textures and luminous melodies, the track is crafted with beautiful artistic intention.

The track opens on the heels of pulsing pop beats, set off with warm piano melodies and Tali’s sweet vocals. An overarching synth design widens the soundscape, allowing the artist to introduce more patterns and layers. Velvet tendrils of violin sweep through the sparkles of glassy synths and tight riffs. It is impressive how she seamlessly juxtaposes slow swells of sentiment with darting tempos. This duality is a recurring theme in the artist’s work and her virtuoso lies in the magical ways with which she integrates them.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Straight Lines by Tali Simone Febland here –