Taliya Hafiz serves up glamorous blues with her new single, Just Not You. With gorgeous lilting melodies and lovely vocals, the track depicts the haze of heartbreak. Weaving symphonies of love, an acoustic piano melody opens the song. Its delicate textures make for an immersive heartbreak experience. The sweetness in the vocals carries to the soul, drenching it with a deep-seated melancholy. It’s impressive to see how the artist adorns the soundscape with little details of melody. The dainty wisps fall like autumn leaves, twirling to the ground with a resigned demeanor.

The artist balances simple euphonies with a rich emotional vocal flow; a cascading vulnerability that is profoundly touching. She delves into the velvet canvas of pain and emerges with blue pearls of grief. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, the composition and vocal arrangement is hauntingly enchanting. You will find yourself reaching back for more of its delicious tragedy.

The soundscape comes alive in its levity, with thin leaves of rhythmic glory dissolving into it. The artist astoundingly showcases the fragile interconnections of heartache and love, resignation and hope, beauty and pain. And the feminine appeal of the song sheathes us with a divine tenderness that is impossible to recover from.

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