Tallulah Rendall is a Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Qi Gong Teacher & Sound Therapist. Her music is dedicated to enhancing the quality of living and listening, is angled towards rumination and remedy mingled with touches of ethereal sensibilities. Tallulah Rendall has just released her latest, Expanse of You in which she explores the live universe that exists within another person. Creating a profound resonance, she traces the essence of eternal love, undying devotion, and irrevocable reverence. Listen Now! 

Expanse of You", by Tallulah Rendall: An unfolding cinematic mystery - Sinusoidal Music

Each melody line is packed with enchanting sonic meaning, the mark of a master seamstress. Tallulah uses the dancing pulse of guitar acoustics to navigate the whispering infinity in the backdrop. The listener is tethered to the light of the delicate vocal fabric. It’s a guiding aural emotion that uncodes the unraveling atmosphere. You can’t help but marvel at the space she creates and the energy she brings. It has the mark of truth, strength, and love. 

Tallulah Rendall debuted in 2006 with her EP, ‘Without Time’ and has since released and toured 5 albums worldwide: Libellus (2009), Alive (2011), The Banshee And The Moon (2014) and The Liminal (2019), Mantra Meditation Album (2020). Her distinctive style and sonic values continually inspire us all. 

The artist is going to be launching a Patreon Community in November, 2023! Make sure to check it out : https://www.tallulahrendall.com/announcement-signup

You can also follow her work and life more closely on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tallulahrendall/  

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Expanse of You’ by Tallulah Rendall here –