New Zealand-based artist, producer, and songwriter, Tarn PK has just dropped his latest single, Petty. The song is trippy electro-pop at its best with exuberant energy builds and alluring synthscapes. Having released two EPs, Fantasy (2019) and Monarch (2021), Tarn discovers new worlds with his distinctive hyper-pop and alt-pop styles.

Tarn has gained over 1.2 million streams on Spotify, with his single, Talk To You, which landed him on New Music Friday playlists. His single, Cheap Ecstasy has gained over 550,000 streams and was picked up by U-NXT. The artist also appears on global Apple Music playlists.

Filtered through a veil of fuzzy textures, the artist creates interesting musical contours to bring out the theme of the song. By contrasting dreamy vocals with slapping beats and fuzzy basslines, the artist erects a world of emotional pulls and tugs that we can’t help but relate to. With every curve in the song, we see new synth accents that transpose the emotions in the lyrics. The vintage pink overcast ties in beautifully with the sugar-sweet vocals to form candy hearts and lavender skies.

The artist is all set to release his next EP, Sugarcoated on the 16th of December, 2022. He’s served up Simple Love and Petty as teasers of his new pop-style inflections. And I for once can’t wait for it!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to Petty by Tarn PK here –