Country-folk at its best, Empty Apartment by TerraTara is the artist’s latest release. Its nostalgic momentum is strong enough to clog throats with swelling emotions. The artist plays the guitar, mandolin, piano, and all kinds of percussion. Her music is inspired by her love for nature and the reflections that they evoke in her.

The song is a magnificent ode to old-school folk styles as laid down by Dylan. With glinting acoustics vibing with pronounced folk percussion, the enchanting vocals filter through the melodies. The artist gives free rein to the vocals, allowing them to dilate and contract the fabric of the song to create pockets of wondrous emotions. And the harmonica melodies are as lilting as a summer breeze, washing over you briefly before drifting away.

The sonority of the track is as immersive as a live music session. It lingers in the air around you, leans on you, and holds your hand. TerraTara’s style is simple and organic. There’s no force, it just ebbs from the depth of a romantic heart like a spring. Its melancholy is as raw as the sourness of tamarind and as natural as the smell of earth. And, the acoustic quality of the band of instruments further intensifies it until you are a part of it, an active contributor and participant.

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