The Dust Collectors is a four-piece band that is known for its innovative fusions. Their music has a touch of country, folk, and rock all blended with beauty. They recently made their debut with their track Take A Dive which is surely one of the best debuts I’ve ever come across. This band surely knows their way around their music. Their track is full of innovation and uniqueness. The way they portray such amazing musicality and lyricism through their music is remarkably impressive. They have a characteristic sound which separates them from the crowd.

This amusing band recently released their first single that is named Take A Dive which is an immersive track with some powerful music and vocals. I loved their musical experiments in this track. The track has a 90s ring to it, and it is executed with elegance. The song has a chorus which is addictive and keeps coming to your head over and over again. This is one of the best works of art I have come across. The fact that this is their debut track makes it even more special. The music is amusing which is blended with some heart-felt instruments that will caress your heart. The gentle flow of the track is what caught me. This track will surely leave you begging for more of this elite band. The track is a story about a bar fighter and is so beautifully narrated that it paints some vivid pictures that are so profound that you will feel like you were standing right there.

Do give this amazing track a go! You can take a little glimpse of the track by The Dust Collectors here-