The Nomadic is the contemplative sonic banner of singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, Rob Gaylard. His mellow folk-rock music traces the paths of his wandering mind. Marked with the resonance of luminous melodies and thoughtful words, his work is reminiscent of artists like Nick Drake, Gordon Lightfoot, and Cat Stevens. You’ll find a world of insightful wisdom, poetic perspectives, and lilting sentimentality. ‘Treading Water’ is the latest release of The Nomadic. It is entirely crafted with swaying acoustics, of violins, guitar strings, and a voice that will throw you into a dream.

iTunes Artwork for 'Treading Water - Single (by The Nomadic)'

The inspiration for the track was sparked by a time when the artist felt that there was so much more possibility to life than what he was doing, experiencing, and feeling. And this state of mind so effortlessly imprints on the composition. The melodic frame portrays a vivid shift in thought processes. It is a sweeping landscape that throws open the doors, expands the horizon, and dilates the mind. And within this enlightening space, Rob’s melancholic baritones shine light on all the different ways that we, as humans, let ourselves down by treading water in love, work, thought, and life in general. He shows us the bigger world, the better life, and a greater happiness. Listen Now!

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