Nashville-based singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Kenny Buono dives deep into his country roots under his folk/americana and indie, power-pop moniker, The Tell Alls. Come holiday season, the artist harnesses the magic of folk acoustics to spread Christmas cheer. His latest release, It’s Christmas Time, is doused in soothing blues that are perhaps redolent of Bob Dylan.

The entire canvas is ablaze with cozy warmth. With incredibly toasty strings and fuzzy vocals, the soundscape crackles like a fireplace. We see a variety of textures and timbres stringing the song together; Like paper-thin acoustic guitar frames, shining orbs of banjo, metallic Christmas jingles, and even glassy percussive accents. An intense bassline runs through the song, circling the edges of melancholic tenderness. And with its lyrics bejeweled with Christmas imageries and nostalgia, the track is a total feel-good fest. So brace yourself to be overcome with tender fondness and moved by the Christmas spirit.

Known for his work with Flight of Mavis, Buzz Zeemer, Trolleyvox & Grand, the artist released his first full-length album, Feeding Frenzy in 2006 followed by 2 EPs in three years with his start-up label Journeyman Records.

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