The Western Civilization is a singer-songwriter duo with a distinct and deep alt folk sound. Hailing from Austin, Texas, they bring its authentic and rustic culture to their music. This, in combination with contemplative lyrical narratives completed their spell-bounding soundscapes. The duo, Rachel and Reggie have both evolved separately and together as musicians since 2002. It has now culminated in the formation of this creative banner. The duo have released their latest album, ‘Fractions of a Whole’, a ten track spread of contemplative storytelling. Listening to it, you can’t help but become aware of the spaces, connections, and experiences that form between people. And how that all makes the living experience whole.

iTunes Artwork for 'Fractions of a Whole (by The Western Civilization)'

Taken from this album is ‘She’s By The Sea’. It flows with mellow acoustics, rising and falling like the undulating waves of water. Rachel and Reggie’s vocals are synchronized harmonies. Their double voice textures are overlaid by many instrumental textures as well. Rising beats, dispersed resonance, and dramatic transition frames. And it is with these tonal nuances and textures that they convey the overwhelming melancholy of the theme. When you envision a soundscape of this complex, it is easy to get lost. But these artists bring a remarkable sense of cohesion without compromising on the variations. Listen now!

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