Therese Curatolo brings us some personal experiences with relatable slivers of emotions embedded like a layered cake. Just like a Christmas cracker, what you’re going to get is a surprise, and she can manage to make some brilliant ones. Her latest single is a mix of it all, and hits you right where the pulse begins. This one is called Everything Hurts

Her songwriting is what resonates with listeners constantly. It is an indie musician’s voice creating masterpieces that acclaimed artists don’t dare try and attempt. Her connection with the story, the event and how she feels is verbose, yet abstract enough. You can create your own parallel story, and she does this all with a simple acoustic playing as the base melody. Therese Curatolo is the genuine element of love and care, of someone who thinks, sits and writes. She is a force of nature, in conscience and brain. The simple walking type percussion, this song has that chugging feel that John Mayer’s Stop this Train has. One of my favourite chorus parts I have ever heard is in this song, and Therese has brought it to life in a sharp, humorous and emotional way, all in one. 

Misery Business, Happier Than Ever and Wannabe are some of my favourites from this dynamic artist. You can never predict which way her music is going, so follow her for the unexpected surprises of her vocal magic. Listen to her single here and follow her for more like this!: