This August Age is the recording name of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Klockner. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the artist proclaims his love for string and orchestral based with his debut album, Artifacts. True to its name, all ten songs were made with utmost care and consideration by Klockner within the confines of his bedroom studio. Boasting a resounding cinematic canvas, Took It Back by This August Age is one of my favorite artifacts from the album. 

With his beloved piano at the helm, the artist guides us into magnificent caves of resounding cello basslines before immersing us in a warm pool of melancholic vocals. The textural canvas adds a rustic charm to the song; an emotive parlance with earthy tones. The coarse texture of the baritone vocals espouses the blue rhythm of a pained soul and the resigned wisdom of a minstrel. 

In terms of euphonic arrangements and song design, the artist really hits the sweet spot. The dragging tempo and the virtuosic use of violin melodies, double vocals, and harmonies compose a touching listening experience and showcase the eternity of heartbreak and tragedy.

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This August Age - Took It Back