When you hear the bells for the season chime, you know what it means. Tim Scott brings his own melodic interpretation of the holidays. With soulful guitar licks and appealing vocals, he brings the tones and sounds that can make your holiday worthwhile. This is his latest single, On Christmas Day.

This kind of song reminds me of John Mayer’s early work. There is a brilliant balance between the instrument and the vocals, the joy and soul is really felt. Here is a simple approach, yet departures are taken tonally to make it a refreshing journey. The notes and charming flow with the gentle vocals are signature to this kind of spirit. In the bridge section, you hear some fantastic bass work with the guitars playing off the energy. There is a lot of fun in the elements used and how it has been executed. The production really helps you enjoy the layers as they are.

You can listen to Tim Scott in Roller Skating and understand why his music works so well. The lyrics are effortlessly unique, yet simple. There are flourishes to make the song magical in almost every song he writes. The heartfelt compositions allow people to get drawn into the theme and explore the fantasy truly. Listen to his brilliant song here: