TJ Doyle, is an American artist with a world view, a love of Earth, and a feel for what it takes to care for the planet we are on that he beautifully brings out in his single, (Let Your Light) Shine. With an Abba vibe, the song is a definite must-listen!

Sparkling synths and acoustic guitar melodies open the song. Ethereal baritones ripple with the melodies to create a resounding effect. The rhythm is set as the beats saunter into the track. Elevating the basslines and pumping melodies, it makes the lyrics more impactful. Its calming and soothing tonalities are incredibly moving.

The serenading quality of the pep-talk is so full of soul and light. It infuses a primal hope that glowers in the face of darkness and vanquishes demons. Urging you in the direction of self-love is reminiscent of the soft light of dawn and the grace of the fading moon. An orchestra of violins and emotive guitar acoustics tune into the song’s frequency and drive it up profoundly. It is impossible to resist the song – it seeps in and leaves you with a beautiful way to look at yourself and the world.

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