Tobias Bader makes funk sound like his heartbeat. It is evident in his music, the way he composes and puts together his thoughts. Like a live wire, his music shows his passion for life, and a lot of it is that easy to catch on to. His latest single explores that in the best way he can. This is Rise Above. 

From Berlin and settled in Amsterdam, he reigns above the groove. His distinctive playing ensures that you’re tapping your foot to the easygoing beat. There are many songs that help you walk in swagger. Rise Above definitely makes that list. The lyrics aim to create a cloud of simplicity as well, the hook opening the song. The harmonic overload comes in with this chorus, creating a superb texture which seems to be his signature style. It is thematic, it relies on the funk, and he knows how to earn it. There’s a reason songs like Into Our Soul has brought a lot of acclaim to his way of music making. His songwriting drips with the class of the 70s and 80s, while producing and adding his own contemporary element to his music. 

You can enjoy the song Lost On A Star and enjoy how he drives through the theme with relative ease. This is the kind of music that changes your mood for the day, for the better. Tobias Bader is our serenading superstars and we can’t wait for more music from him. Listen to his single here: