You tend to look far and wide for inspiration. I like to look for an out-of -the-box artist. TonyD is this week’s pick, with his sensational funk fusion, jazz styled single called Tell the Truth. This is from his album, Between the Lines. It’s an apt title, because he seems to be doing it with suave energy.

There is a groovy bassline that took my itch home and fed it. The rhythm for this particular song is solid, it has no waste pockets of empty space or unnecessary synth fillers. There is a Stevie Wonder like bounce within this track, which is very hard to achieve. TonyD controls it like an expert chef, knowing just the recipe and measurements to make sure it doesn’t end up in Gordon Ramsay’s dustbin. There is enough depth to appreciate his vocals, strained but on point. His demeanour is clearly seen with this track itself, he likes the charisma to ooze out with every passing second of this track. And, oh boy, does it.

There might be a secret to composing an album with such good stuff in it, but that isn’t for mere mortals like us. The joy remains in being an outsider, being invited to see the genius of the progression and his experiments with the music. Like bringing in an orchestra, knowing what each member would do. TonyD knows his role, and he’s the master conductor who has a smile on his face for delivering an achingly good performance. Listen to his single here: