Singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and model, Queen of Art, Tora Woloshin makes a fantastic musical imprint with her new single, True Legacy. The artist has a prolific style and creativity that drives her sound to majestic levels as is evident from her previous releases, Eclipse, Listen, Guns and Roses, etc.

Ruminating rhythms, chill beats, and fresh vocals construct this track into an all-time R&B dream. A vanishing stream of synthetic harmonies opens the song. Tora’s smooth vocals loop into the track and clarify the scintillating soundscape. Smoky and sensual, its lilting rises are very enjoyable. It shimmers like a glamorous dress, drawing and keeping your attention.

The track flows seamlessly with flawless curves and graceful transitions. Its mellow energy lifts into the air around you and flourishes into life. And the box beats lining the beaming synths and vocals loop through your mind addictively. Loving someone is an artistic endeavor. With this track, Woloshin raises a euphonic canvas with graceful strokes and riveting themes. She manifests the force of love and romance through cascading vocal displays. Adorned by beautiful accents of harmonies, the artist realizes her legacy.

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