Tzvika Force is an Israeli-based pianist and singer-songwriter. With a deep affinity for music and euphony, the artist began writing and creating music when he was a teenager. He even recorded an EP at home and uploaded it online which generated significant interest and snowballed into the release of his debut single, Petite Nature in 2013. Since then the artist has been an independent creator and toured with a band all over the country. After a nine-year hiatus, in 2022, the artist eased us in with a single before surprising us with his debut album, Mine. The album is opened by As heavy as my heart, sporting the piercing baritones of Tzvika Force.

The first thing that instantly stands out is the immersive texture and unique timbre of the vocals. Scaling across the song, packed with emotions, the vocals carry the burden of heartbreak. The devastating piano melody flows along the bank of the coursing vocals, fleshing out the loneliness and the agony of loss.

The gloomy theme of the song is progressively amplified with delicious vocal twists and patterns. We see smooth fluency in the way the artist employs the piano to reflect and resound the emotions of his vocals to form mercurial pools of despondent melodies. The debut album, Mine, showcases ten masterpieces composed and written by the artist, each serving up emotional complexities with a melodrama that we all need.

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