Get Well Soon with August Rain by Urban Walrus. Simplistically composed and presented, the song is a total soul-vibe. With elaborate, far-fetching arms of warm country guitar acoustics, the track carries the deep-seated melancholy of rainy days. The beat structure and vocal arrangement punctuate the limitless emotions contained in the melodies. Using feel-good melodies, the artist reaches for healing blends that soothe the soul.

We see delicate dances of piano melodies amidst the tragic passion in the vocals. And, it is impressive to see the transitions that the artist has lined up for us. He effortlessly calls on rock styles to accentuate his story and refine its emotive power. Fuzzy riffs line the chorus, purging the pain and dragging out the sun. The artist alternates between warm and cool melodies to beautifully clarify musical perspectives.

The artist is a masterful storyteller. His poetic flair emerges as wonderful metaphors that guide us through his experiences. This musical letter instantly roots us to the artist through his thoughts, passion, melody, and hope. So, if you’re feeling brow-beaten by love and life, you can find solace in the warm, comforting melodies of Urban Walrus.

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