If Vargen hasn’t been part of your playlist set, then you’re in for a treat. This is one musician who can blend the borders of what genres are, to create something heart-warming. His latest single is already catching heat for the kind of addictive melody it can be. This is his symphonic escape called Easter Soul. 

Starting with something Dylan-esque, Vargen creates a well crafted portion of sound that inspires. It is acoustic, personal and also predicts what kind of energy this song will represent. As the harmonics are added as elements by a whole different tone. You are treated to a whole new electric ballad energy, with the guitar licks coming in just to distract you efficiently. He keeps a very simple but efficient guitar rhythm in the background, ready to take flight and create a memorable and singable tune. His song Toxicon has been running in my head for the past few days, and now Easter Soul will be the next. This singer-songwriter sure does know how to fabricate a whole new environment to sing and dance to. It is an interesting approach he takes to songwriting, yet breaks out of the purist form by experimenting constantly. 

You can listen to Mindy Morning, The Bitch in Me and Tjuvskytten are some songs you should definitely listen to. His songwriting is sure to inspire your mood and enjoy it. Listen to his song here and sing along to the magic of Easter Soul: