Wes Dean is an artist who made his debut with the track named Movin’ On in 2021. He started his musical journey at the tender age of 6 playing the piano which paved his way to evolve as a musician. He even played trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high-school band. He started playing guitar in his college years, he started with an acoustic guitar and then electric for the last 9 years. He started writing music for fun and later realized how great he was. The world surely deserves to listen to this magician with strings. His vocals and his lyricism are what make him so special.

I recently came across this amazing artist through his latest release which is named Looking for the Next One which is one of his best works yet. The track has some amazing guitar riffs intertwined with heartfelt vocals and deep melodies. His vocals are ecstatic and surely do a number on the listener’s mind. The track enchants the listeners and binds them to an endless spell of addiction. The track starts off with an amazing quote, “You can’t find love if you’re looking for the next one” and that is also the chorus. The way this artist writes his tracks is surely bewitching. The track features some amazing rhythmic drums that are full of energy and convey the same level of enthusiasm as the vocals and the guitars. The balance of this track is what got me hooked on it. This is surely a track to be explored by everyone. Do give it a shot!

Catch a little glimpse of Looking for the Next One by Wes Dean here-