Will Moore is the perfect blend between a 80s pop rock star and a new age singer-songwriter. His songs reflect decades of experience and melody crafting mastery. From an invigorating chorus section to a funky opener, don’t expect Will Moore to phone it in when he performs. He’s bringing his all for his latest single, Get Along So Well.

The magic can be heard with the Leo Sayer/Huey Lewis kind of opening. The rhythm is the spine, along with Will’s vocals, which glide along the groove like that weird Olympic sport curling. Deceptively simple, he catches us in all the pockets of the songs, the flourishes with the guitars and synths noted. They mirror his vocals, while he changes up the section for the bridge leading to the chorus. If this isn’t a disco track beckoning you to the dance floor, I don’t know what is. Hope you get lost in the funky mania of this song. Yes, you didn’t see that kind of outro coming.

You can hear more of Will Moore and his magic with his 2016 EP, My Mistake. His 2018 EP Something to Visualize also has some very scrumptious tracks. His songs are characterized by his sunny disposition and deep connection to the performer’s magic charm. Make sure to check out his catalogue on Spotify. Listen to his unbridled energy with the single here: