Yael Lanciano is a singer-songwriter and pop artist. Her work is largely inspired by her personal life and experiences. Finding the universality in it, she beautifully infuses it into soundscapes that further enlarges them. In many ways, her songs are a voice of reason, positivity, and passion. In her latest single, ‘Runnin’ Away’ Yael Lanciano explores vulnerability in relationships. With colorful, brimming melodies, she navigates the complexities with so much warmth and empathy.

iTunes Artwork for 'Runnin' away - Single (by Yael Lanciano)'

The track is a potent blend of electro-pop. With broad and bold strokes, she drives the soundscape to high highs. However, there’s a simultaneous plane of soft pop narratives and accents that rides this coattail. Her vocals are mellow acoustic blooms, sincere and heartfelt in tone and narrative. It thrives in the freshness of the swirling synths that form around it. There are some fun hooks leading into the chorus, groovy electronica, and beats that play into the commercial appeal of the track. Listeners of Zedd, Hailey Williams, Taylor Swift, and Zara Larson are sure to enjoy Yael’s brand of synth-pop.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Runnin’ Away’ by Yael Lanciano here –