As the child of a musician, it is clear that YME has her singing chops in order. An artist from the Netherlands, she lends her melodic, sweet voice as the soft blanket for the songs she makes. With hypnotic realism, her music yearns to create memories and styles that are iconic. This is her latest track, Someone Better.

With a Middle Eastern percussion spine, YME creates a praxis of burgeoning, blossoming sound. There is real soul and pleasure, pain and doubt, all expressed through her vocals itself. The mystery is floated by the instrumentals, where fantastic production work draws you in. A fluttering life is seen, the hope that this track indicates as a song. The progression is a unique creation, which has a lead repetition that sounds simple, and acts like the bridge between verses. The lyrics echo the disappointment she has with a former flame, and the minor scale shifts perfectly display this.

YME has unfolded her skill set with her single, Happy Now. Her focus on moods and feelings, personifying an emotion is something she is an expert at, and creates an impressive aura with. It isn’t easy to do, but each of her track will fluidly move through genres for the emotion. The core of the song will always remain at her will to create scenarios drawn from life, punctuated and colourized by music. Listen to her latest single here: