The majesty of Zaki Hagins sound begins with his debut single release, Younger (Acoustic Mix). The track is a feel-good presence, ever-spreading into the fabric of the mind, heart, and soul. This acoustic version was released alongside the pop mix of the same song. While the pop mix is lined with soft synths, the vivacity of the theme is realized more acutely by the celebratory violin ostinato in the acoustic version.

The Germany-based violinist, composer, singer-songwriter, and artist has a very elegant musical style. His neo-classical, mellow-pop blend, as seen in this track, has a wealth of ruminative quality that infuses the track with waves of emotion. And by matching the texture of the pulsing violin melodies to the gritty timbre of his vocals, the artist creates a wondrous uniformity in the sound pallet.

From an emotional angle, it is all warmth all around. For the most part, the rhythm and vocal presentation are simple and minimalistic. Like a calm ocean, the vocals are uninterrupted expanses. But, this is gradually broken by graceful emotive rises as the track edges into the climax. The smooth flush of the violins in the backdrop connects to the swells in the vocals, to form a continuous thread of euphony; a sweeping rise with the blooming harmonies to the eternity of youth.

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