Book/Spirit are game for creating breathtaking audio scenarios. Combining relatively simple and hummable grooves, their rhythms reflect an era of alt-rock that seems to be bygone. However, these crypt keepers want this to be an open air museum, and you’re allowed to sing along. This is their latest single, Haunt You. 

I think their feverish energy was already captured perfectly in their album, Live at Fremin. It is a simplistic chord progression they choose, a chugging resolve, that is the fabric for the lyrics. Williamsburg brought this jam band together, and now the Brooklyn based outfit has a lot to develop on that aura. Traditionally, you’d hear the verse section have minimal guitar strokes. They empty the cauldron instead, the beat being maintained by the bass and drums. The lyrics are like an early Thom Yorke easy speak, but create the winds of pressure to build to the chorus. When the tones do come in, you see the palette which will release the dynamite sound they aim to carry. Chorus fuzz is to be fawned upon, it has a great zeal to it that only Book/Spirit can contain. 

Their second single this year, Meant to Be, is something of an alt-rock addiction to enjoy. Though they have s signature style in which they approach their energetic and exciting melodies, they don’t mind exploring tracks that sound like The Strokes in some moments. Listen to their latest single here with us: