A few seconds into knowing narcissus and his compositions- it is clear that a plethora of music knowledge is being used as a ready reference. This latest single, once a thief… dives into some sub-genres that have gone overlooked and make an anthem, a defiant sound from them. Get ready for a genre overload you wish you were responsible for.

From beats that sound like Grandmaster Flash or Questlove sitting behind the throne, we look at this detailed underhand comment on the music empire that puppeteers artists. There is an eclectic fusion of synthwave, a hip-hop vibe that is unquestionable and industrial rock to some degree. Where boundaries dissolve, you see a rising concoction of stylish effects-all mastered with lossless audio level quality. The impending sound of the vinyl press is foreshadowed in some way through the album art. Due at the end of this month, narcissus is going virtual places with the debut album release. There are more than one reasons to rejoice this sound.

Lost Causes being the most popular track by this project, it is easy to assume that is the characteristic sound. Surprises lie at every bend, and the commentary is loud and dry from the monologues. The edge comes from the clever mixing and composition style, something unique from artists going against the grain. The era of Warhol-ish music presses and copies that play endlessly on the radio might be over. Find a razor’s edge as a bottom line with tracks like this: