The Naya Rockers is a backing band that consists of a drummer, Nathan Sabanayagam, a Bassist, Nate Edgar, and a keyboardist, Cameron Greenlee. This band has sustained and has been spreading its music for 20 years now. The band has done some collaborations with artists around the globe. The way this band carries the tracks will blow your mind away. KIDDUS I is the artist who has provided vocals to the track called ‘Illusions’ which is the first track of Naya Rockers’ album, Naya Sound System. These artists have come together to produce a sound that is so powerful that it has the potential to bring about a revolution.

I came across this amazing band through their album Naya Sound System where there was one track in particular that caught my special attention. The track is named ‘Illusions’. This is surely one of their best works yet and my personal favorite from their vivid discography. The track has some ecstatic melodies that are complimented by some amazing percussions that will make you feel weightless. The vocals are deep and indulging. The vibe of the track surely got me grooving to it’s beats. This is surely a track that will make your feet move on their own. This is a perfect track for your evening parties. Do give this track a go. Trust me you will fall in love with the flowy vibe of the track. This is surely a highly recommended track for people who like reggae music.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track here-