Randi is a proactive artist, on all counts. She’s been making music since 2018 professionally, and has had an album release this year as well. Her album luminous showcases her composition skills and sweet voice that really brings it all together. This is her latest single, Dancing with a Broken Heart.

Indie rock might be an unframed way of describing this. A lot of tones that Randi uses are based on the joy of live instruments, and her voice always complements that style. With this track as well, she’s picked a joyous, uptempo beat that she sings on. Her chord progressions are commonly used, but her vocal addition to it is something else. She takes simple flourishes and folds in the song that later unpack themselves and surprises. Her voice has an honesty to it, no production or plastering of any kind takes away the natural pitch and control she has. The harmonics sound like an angelic choir, bringing some more dimensional spectrum to the symphony.

The bass enters late in the song, and creates a whole new layer that her vocals bounce off of. This song comes soon after her single called Always Will released in August. The beats and dynamics keep her music fresh to hear till the end, an exciting and intriguing artist through and through. Listen to Randi with her single here: