Sleeping Together is one of those bands formed during covid that stuck. We’re glad they did, they have a special groove around them. Giving a fresh tonality to the rock they love, they come along with their debut double A side, Money & Nicotine. This is a parcel of fun on all accounts.

This track is a pot-pourri of funk, pop rock and alt-rock-all in fractions that you can enjoy. With a catchy intro that makes you want to bring out your dance shoes, they transition effortlessly into funkier bridges. The chorus is where the kicker is, the overdrive laced guitar really packs the weight with the lyrical hook. The sound is something that the band would have had fun arriving at, the lead arpeggio during the chorus is another highlight. Full of surprises, this track is how you make a debut count for listeners and music fans alike.

Summer Girl is their other release, layered guitars and a breezy tempo and rhythm keeping the song fun. Sleeping Together have a real control on the kind of approach they set into the song, has a lot of beautiful elements and cohesiveness. They are just getting started, and they got through the worst time for any band just fine. Listen to their songs here: