Tolumide wants her listeners to engage with her songs thoroughly. Groovy, classical and yet very much her own fingerprint, she creates soul music that actually stirs the pot. It is a soothing, swirling mystical element that she seems to control with her energy, and the result is special. This is her latest single, Naturally Me. 

The Asiko singer connects a lot of melodic elements with how she opens the single itself. The beats aren’t too strong, the melody enjoys this soothing back and forth that invites the same kind of mood you’d like to delve into. She calls her music Suya Soul, an amalgam of R&B and African Pop. This comes from a delicacy which is indigenous to Nigeria and some parts of West Africa. You can hear the difference, she is combining vibrations that somehow belong in the same sphere. The result is an after wash that sounds like Sade, if she chose to create melodies in a different sense. Tolumide makes her songs individually rich in essence, celebrating herself and her culture. The reflection is as clear as it can get, and rewarding. 

Tolumide has some electric singles like Goody Goody and Throwback are some great singles that would spice up your dance nights. Her delicate balance while still being able to maintain the R&B neon buzzing glow to it is inspiring. Listen to her single here and follow her for more: